Getting Your Oil Changed

Getting your oil changed is a pivotal part to your car’s longevity. You need to regularly check that the oil is running properly in your car so that you can get your fuel going through the vehicle at an optimal rate. Please make sure that you have the right gloves and clothing so your skin isn’t exposed to the oil. Having this skill or knowing a good place to get an oil change will help your car run more efficiently throughout the year. Here’s how you can get your oil changed.

How to Drain the Old Oil in Your Tank

You want to get a drain pan and a wrench to remove the drain plug. Make sure you have the right tool to change your oil otherwise it can be quite a mess. Changing oil can be a messy job but you want to make sure you can do this as seamless as possible. The drain plug shouldn’t be too much of a concern especially if no one’s really tampered with it. Make sure your car is at a warm temperature, but not too hot. The reason you want it at a warm temperature is because it’ll drain completely and quickly. Use a towel or something to wipe off the excess oil. Draining your oil also gives you a good indicator of any major leaks. If you do find that it leaks, simply get a new drain plug or gasket. If you’re a pretty big guy, you might need a mechanic scraper to help you get under there. Install your new drain plug and make sure to tighten it up with your wrench so that you have everything secure.

Do a Clean Job to Help Remove and Replace the Oil Filter

Just like you get a new filter for your A/C or heating system, you need one for the oil. While your oil is draining, you can remove the filter. Certain cars are different because the filter may be quite far from the drain plug. In that case, you can move your pan to other part as needed. For this part, you need filter pliers to get this out because it can be on a little tight. Make sure this drains well as you let the oil come off. It’s very necessary that you take your time. While you remove the filter, please be sure to wipe things down. You want to prevent a gasket from blowing. This damages not only the oil area but it can affect the way your engine runs. Get advice on what filter you need by going to an auto store. See what they have available and ask questions for a proper filter that fits your car.

A Few Steps to Remove Your Engine Oil 

The first thing you need to know is what kind of oil your car takes. Look to your car manual to find details on that and how much you can actually put in the vehicle. Sometimes, your car may take either synthetic or standard oil; it depends on the vehicle. Be very careful to fill it up all the way without overdoing it. This helps make sure your car runs. If you do run into any oil spilling, please find a way to bottle it up and send it to a recycling center. A funnel will help you reduce the spilling. Take your oil cap and put it on tightly so that everything stays in.