How to Wash Your Motorcycle

Do you have a bit of need for speed on the road? That’s all fine and dandy, but you still need to keep your motorcycle in great condition. It really gives you a sense of pride of how you can be one with your machine. On the warm days, you can feel the wind breeze through your hair. There’s a deeper connection than a simple two-door or four-door car. Here are some ways to wash your motorcycle.

Make Sure You Take the Proper Steps to Wash the Vehicle

First of all, you need to get the right equipment to clean the motorcycle. You can start by spraying some water down on the vehicle. Then you’ll get some 409 solution (diluted) and shake it up. From that point, you can spray different parts of the chrome, filters, and the motor. The key is keeping it off the paint. Even though it doesn’t really cause damage to the area, you should always try to keep it away. Before you scrub away, make sure your motorcycle is in a neutral position by putting the kickstand up. This way it won’t wobble or anything while you clean. Make sure you clean every part of the motorcycle and leave no crack or crevice unchecked. Even though the gauges are waterproof, try to avoid them and just focus on the body of your motorcycle. Get the white walls done by spraying a bit more 409 on it and use some elbow grease to really get the dirt and grime off.

Take Your Hose and Rinse the Motorcycle Off

If you have any time, head to a hardware store where you can get a good pressure washer. This makes cleaning off the suds very easy. They are typically inexpensive, but the great ones might cost a bit towards $100. These are great for cleaning everything from your home, motorcycle, cars, and even the driveway to hold your vehicles. A hose certainly works fine if you can’t afford a pressure washer.  Be smart to ensure that your engine is cool because you can easily scorch yourself from the water contact or damage the engine. From the top to the bottom, you want everything clean. Take your time and just do a complete wash down. You want to make sure that all of the suds are gone so you can finish up by drying and detailing your motorcycle.

Finish Everything Off with a Good Dry Down and Detail

You can use a good air compressor to dry things down. This is a good way to get all the water around the engine and little crevices. Even a leaf blower can do the trick because it has a good vacuum. If you don’t have any machinery, get a clean and dry towel to get everything off. Now, it’s the time to get some spray wax. This is essential in making sure that your motorcycle gets that shiny touch. You can get one that sprays well all on your vehicle. From that point, you can start at the chrome spot then work your way all over the vehicle. These are just a few steps to help you give the motorcycle a great wash.