Set Up the Basics for Your Car Battery Maintenance

It’s important to seek the right battery maintenance in case things shut down. Your car needs to always have the right fuel and power in order for it to run. Just like how the body needs sleep and food to nourish it, you should think of the same thing when it comes to your car. When you treat your car well, it runs smoothly. On the other side, it can pose a problem for you if you’re not careful. Here are some the basics you need to know about car battery maintenance.

You Need To Remove the Car Battery Terminals

The first step is to be safe in this process. You need the right gloves and goggles. Go ahead and make sure that the ignition switch is turned off. The car needs to be parked with the emergency brake.  Take a look at your battery tray and see if there’s anything interfering with the placement. Be careful with removing and replacing the cables because you don’t want to disrupt anything else besides the battery. There are a lot of sensitive parts around that can get damaged easily with just a slight tamper. Label the different cables so you can put the battery on the right. Some batteries come with a negative side up and others have a positive side up. This makes it a lot easier to replace the battery. Use your pliers to remove the negative and positive cable.  If there’s corrosion or anything disrupting the cable, you may need to replace the cables before you decide to get a new battery. This is safety precaution because you never know if a spark could cause a fire.

Take Your Time to Remove the Battery

Okay, here’s where you need to really be careful. Take a 10mm socket and some lubrication because the bolts can be very hard to get out especially during the winter time where things freeze up. Not to mention, a battery change typically occurs every 3 years so it’s very easy to get stuck. Please pay attention when you take things out. There are tiny screws that can easily fly through the air or shoot out to certain parts of your car that may be hard to recover. Always stay ready to catch something that could slip out. If you loosened everything up correctly, the battery should come straight up when you pull it out. From this point, you can begin to install your new battery.

Replacing the Battery

First of all, check your cables to make sure they are in good working order. If there’s any rust or corrosion, keep it in a recycle bin to be thrown away. Also, when you set the new battery please check it out to make sure there’s no acid or anything leaking. Once you setup the battery in the proper position, get your cables together and make sure you know what’s positive and negative. Make sure you hold your battery in place so that you can properly link the cables together. Also, it’s important because you don’t want to damage any other parts in the car. It should be a snug fit that doesn’t disturb any of the other sections of the vehicle. These are just a few tips to help you get good battery maintenance for your vehicle.