Taking Good Measures to Wash Your Car

Keeping your car clean gives everyone a first impression of how you run your vehicle. It’s important to get a good wash every now and again to have a more presentable look. It’s like having a clean haircut to go with a well-fitted suit. It shows you take pride in how your car looks and runs. Typically, if the outside looks good, the inside should look nice as well. When you’re out and about or going to that nice dinner, you want your car looking spotless. Here are some good tips to help you wash your car.

How to Prepare Your Car for a Good Wash

Of course, there’s a bit of prep time that goes into washing your car. You’re not just going to throw some water there and keep it moving. First, you need to get a hose with a good nozzle, a clean bucket of water, a mitt, and a good car washing solution you can pick up at your local auto shop. Make sure you get some good rubber gloves so that you don’t get the solution all over your hands. The concentration of the solution is very powerful so you only need a bottle cap of the liquid. You want to fill your bucket half way with water. You can use the kitchen gloves you wash dishes with or any type you see fit. You want to lather up your suds and get the mitt down there. Before you start to clean, make sure your doors are closed and the windows are rolled up. Take the hose and soak up the car with some water.

Start to Wash Your Exterior

Now that you’ve got all your materials together as well as the right suds together, take your mitt and start scrubbing an area of your car. Be thorough in your cleaning from top to bottom. Make sure you do a thorough job because you may have to backtrack later. From the windows, rims, handles, and mirrors, make sure everything is clean. Also, just how you would clean behind your ears after a good wash, make sure you do the same thing as far as getting those windshield wiper blades together.  This way you don’t miss any spots that could stand out later.

Do a Thorough Rinse

After you’ve filled your car with suds, it’s time to use the hose to rinse everything off. Use a good hose that has a pressure setting to help make your job a lot easier. There are different styles like a cone one that covers more area. The thing is you want to do a top to bottom job so you get all of the suds off. Just like you scrub with the suds earlier, take your time in each section. Even if it takes a few minutes, you don’t want to come back to do the extra work. That’s time consuming and unnecessary if you do it right the first time. This is a great way to help you wash your car more efficiently.