Taking the Right Steps to Drive A Stick Shift

Are you ready to get “Fast and Furious”? Well, maybe not that far, but you still want a taste of freedom. Riding a stick shift can be a great method to learn how to build your foundation. We get so used to driving an automatic that it makes us lazy when we ride in our vehicles. Learning how to drive a stick shift can take a bit of time, but you have the advantage of driving any kind of car you desire. It’s a lost art that only the race car drivers can appreciate. Here are some keen steps in order to ride a stick shift.

Why is a Stick Shift Different than Automatic?

Stick shift is also known as manual. It’s manual for a reason because unlike an automatic where you don’t have to shift gears, a manual means you do it yourself. You’re in more control. Some people actually prefer it that way because they get more into the machine. Here are 2 basic methods of why a stick shift is different. The first thing you should know is that you have a third pedal to the left of the brake. That’s typically used as a clutch for the machine. The second detail you need to know is that you have a gear box, which helps you change gears so you can go to different speeds. Put your right foot on the brake, left on the clutch, and turn the engine on. While turning the engine on, you’ll find that your car is in gear. Make sure you put the car in neutral before you take your foot off the clutch. This is so everything will stay on and remain sound.

Why Must You Clutch?

There are a few scenarios that make clutch a necessity in driving a manual. One, you need it when you turn on the engine. The second scenario is when you’re in gear but remain still. If you don’t have the right footing, you may stall out. Lastly, you must use the clutch when shifting gears. This is essential when you do your highway driving because you want to keep in the flow with traffic. With practice, this becomes like a basic muscle memory activity. It takes a bit of time getting used to manual, but it certainly adds a more exhilarating movement to your car. You’ll feel more tuned into your vehicle because you are the driving force along with the accelerator.

Learning How to Move and Slow Down

Follow these steps to start accelerating. You want to put your left foot on the clutch and put your car in 1st gear, put the foot on the brake, left on the clutch, and transition the left foot to the accelerator. This will give it the gas it needs to start moving forward. If you want to move into the second gear, make sure you press the clutch. Let’s say you want to slow down. It’s a combination of pressing the clutch and putting the gear box in neutral, and finishing off your stop by placing your foot on the brake pedal. If you see that the light is changing to green, put it in 2nd gear then hit the accelerator again before you completely come to a stop. These are just a few keen steps to help you drive stick shift