The Proper Way to Detail The Exterior of Your Car

Detailing your car seems a bit tedious at times, but it’s definitely needed to give your car the optimal look. People judge you by your appearance and a nicely cleaned car from the outside is a first impression. It doesn’t take too long to detail your vehicle. Just remember to do a solid upkeep once every couple of months at the least. This will ensure that your car looks great while you drive to your destination. Here are some ways to properly detail the exterior of your vehicle.

Get the Proper Tools Ready

Before you do any major cleaning job, you always want to get the right equipment in hand. For detailing the exterior, you’ll need a good hose, a bucket, gloves, spray like 409, and a mitt. The hose will be used to wash off your vehicle after it’s scrubbed down. The bucket is used to hold the water and mix whatever car wash solution you decide like 409. The gloves will help you keep your hands safe from chemicals. Additionally, the mitt will give you the scrubbing surface needed to clean the car. When you have all of these items ready, you can begin to detail your car.

Do a Spray Down Before You Detail the Vehicle

All you really need is about 8 ounces of the car wash solution. It’s pretty powerful stuff so you’ll want to dilute it with half a bucket of water. You’ll get all the suds you need to fully wash the exterior of the car. You can clean the tires and rims of the car with an older mitt if you have one. Just make sure that things are functional. Make sure you have your gloves on and work one section at a time. Give them a bit of a white coat and a little water on them. Car wash solutions are typically water activated so this is perfect for the beginning section of detailing the exterior. Don’t saturate your car too much. Just gently spray the water down from the hood, trunk, cracks, and crevices along your vehicle. You want to make sure that everything you do is thorough from top to bottom. The hose, mitt, and solution should be enough to do a great cleaning job. Take your time and make sure everything looks good.

End the Exterior Cleaning with a Good Wax

This is the icing on the cake. After you’ve rinsed your car from the soap suds, you’ll want to give your car a shiny finish. Get two clean towels. One, you want to get a cleaning wax on there to give your car a fresh start. Put a bit of solution on different spots of the vehicle then go back and forth with your towel. This helps get any excess dirt off your car. Also, you want to let it dry before you apply the polishing wax. This will give your car the shine it needs without stripping the paint finish. Make sure when you apply these waxes that they are safe for your car. Additionally, you want them to be more modern as older wax tends to ruin the finish on newer vehicles. With these steps in hand, you’ll be able to do some great detailing on the exterior of your vehicle.