Want Custom Wheels & Tires? Here’s How!

In this video, Rick Robinson from Springfield Motorsport is here to talk about a car enthusiast’s love: customization, and specifically customization of wheels and tires.

Robinson thinks it’s the most important customization there is, because these choices are so personal. First of all, it’s extremely visible. Second of all, there’s a tremendous range of choices that you can make.

What’s it for?

First of all, you need to decide what you’re going to be using this car (and the wheel/tire combination) for. Will you be driving it every day to go to work? Or is this a show car that you’ll only take out once in a while? How about if you’re going to be using it on a drag strip or other racing? If you’ll be using it daily, you’ll need to be looking at issues like durability and driving manners. If you’re going to be taking it to shows, then you want to look at something that will amaze your audience, really catch their eyes. And if it’s going to be on the drag strip, then you want the best performance available. “Use,” he says, “is the primary driver in wheel and tire selection.”

What to look at

So first you want to think about the wheel style and after that you’ll want to look at the selection of size parameters. Then you’ll need to think about what kind of tire will go with these styles and sizes.

But that’s not all! You also have to think about safety as you install and use your new wheels and tires. Don’t hesitate to use the Internet to look up what combinations others have used, and what safety concerns they’ve addressed.

Making your choices

When you’re deciding on a tire, one of the most important issues is the tire’s sidewall. The sidewall’s height determines a number of

factors. Impact: How much impact can a tire take when you’re out driving? Remember how we talked about the use that you’ve determined for your car? Well, if you’re going to be driving it every day, then your tire needs to be able to deal with potholes, stones, bumps and so on while giving you a reasonably comfortable ride around (or through!) them. On the other hand, if this is a show car, then you want to follow the fashion and style of the moment (right now, large wheels and narrow sidewalls are stylish). If your car is going to be used for drag racing, especially drag racing, then your tires are going to be critical for both safety and performance.


Robinson is mostly talking about a Mustang Shelby, one of the most spectacular muscle cars ever. He is checking out an early 90s vintage Mustang wheel, which he says isn’t bad looking but could use a lot better styling. That’s where the aftermarkets tires come in.  One wheel that Robinson likes is a wheel originally designed by Saleen for the Saleen Mustangs. “It’s one of the standard in five-spoke designs that are very popular.” He reminds listeners to match a car’s accessories and go well with the car’s overall styling.