Watch Out for Common Mistakes When You Put Your Toddler in the Car

Your child’s security is everything especially at a young age. It can be very risky to put them in a vehicle so you need to be cautious on making sure that they are safe and sound. Having a car seat is great to keep them supported and strapped in tight in case something happens. However, you should always be aware of what goes on when you put them in the car seat. Don’t make any mistakes that would disrupt their security. Here are some common mistakes  made when you put your toddler in the car.

Using the Wrong Car Seat

Even though there are car seats on the market that suggest you can use a forward-facing car seat at a particular age, be very careful. Toddlers under 2 should always ride in rear-facing car seats. This applies to even certain kids over 2 because of their weight. When you have a kid that small, it’s a bit safer to use the rear-facing seat because the impact isn’t as bearing on the neck in case of an accident. You should typically switch to a front-facing car seat when the kid has outgrown their original car seat. Make sure they are strapped in with a good harness to protect and keep them safe. This is very important to avoid major injuries to your little one. Never solely go by the direction of the car seat directions when you go shopping. You never know how your kid will grow and adapt until 2 or 3 years old. When they develop and grow to a certain height, then make that transition to the other car seat.

Loosening Up the Harness

Please be sure to keep everything tight. Each time your kid is strapped into the car seat, make sure the harness is completely secure. This needs to be done for safety reasons because one hard stop could send your baby flying if they aren’t strapped in tight enough. While it may provide a little discomfort for your kid or seem like they can’t be as mobile, think of it like a life or death situation. Would you rather your kid be uncomfortable in the leg area or end up with a serious injury? Your child is susceptible to even the slightest trauma. Please keep that in mind if you feel that you should leave the harness a bit slack.

Wearing Loose Fitting or Bulky Clothing While in the Car Seat

This is a no-no. Yes, you want your child to be warm in the winter months, but take the extra step to ensure that your kid is strapped in tight. Bulky clothes don’t allow you to strap the seat belt in properly. It’ll be too loose around your kid, which means that it won’t be as secure. Make sure you take off the coat and put the seat belt on the kid properly. After you’ve done that, you can always put the baby blanket over the seat belt to keep your child warm. If you do want a jacket over the kid, make sure it’s light enough so you can still tighten the belt. These are just a few common mistakes you should know before you put your toddler in the car seat.